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J. Walker McSpadden (1874 - 1960)

Joseph Walker McSpadden was born in 1874. He is known for his authorship of Robin Hood (1891). "He was a young man of five-and-twenty, well built, though a trifle meagre, and of pale complexion. He had hair that was very nearly black, and a clean-shaven face, best described, perhaps, as of bureaucratic type. The clothes he wore were of expensive material, but had seen a good deal of service. His stand-up collar curled over at the corners, and his necktie was lilac-sprigged." (from Robin Hood)

McSpadden died in 1960.

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Texts by McSpadden
Robin Hood
Tales of the hero who steals from the rich (particularly vexing the Sheriff of Nottingham) to give to the poor.

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